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PowerTrack - One Stop Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solution.

Truck Tracking, Saloon Car Tracking, Bajaj Tracking, Motorbike (Bodaboda)Tracking.

Provides 24/7 access over the Internet and call center to answer your queries about your vehicle.

Wherever your vehicle is Simply track it with PowerTrack!!!
  • Do you want to have better control on your moving vehicles?
  • Do you want to know your drivers’ behavior?
  • Do you want to reduce accidents?
  • Want to have peace of mind?
  • Want to increase profitability? And many such benefits… Subscribe to PowerTrack today!!!
PowerTrack provides Web-based Vehicle Monitoring & Analysis as a "Service". This service allows you to comprehensively monitor your mobile assets for location, over-speeding, unauthorized stoppages, and provides you with alerts as well as comprehensive reports.

Knowing where your vehicle is at any given point of time, or where it has been, is now in your hands with total control.
Control at the click of a button
Efficient Logistics Management
Improved Customer Service
Enhanced productivity
Real Time Information
Various analyses using historic data
Alerts in case of violations
Satisfaction Guarantee
Lowest Price Promise
Strong Business Ethics
Same Day Order Processing & Installations
Speedy Support
Best Quality Hardware
After sales Support
12 months warranty on hardware
Vehicle Tracking system
Fleet management
TRA Electronic Cargo tracking System
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