Vehicle Tracking system –Track private and commercial vehicles. Create your personal landmark, point of interest , Geo fence and Routes.

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  • Fleet management –Maintain you fleet management for Spare inventory/Garage repair /Tyre management /Drivers evaluation.
  • TRA ECTS (Electronic Cargo tracking System) In transit Container, loose cargo ,Wet cargo, IT vehicle installed form the port to boarder
TRA ECTS (Electronic Cargo Tracking System)-Exclusive authorized partners of Techno Brain Ltd for the TRA Electronic Cargo Tracking System
  • Installation of M-track and E seals device at the ports ,ICD’s ,
  • Collection of M-track and E seals device at the boarders
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Efficient Logistics Management
Improved Customer Service
Enhanced productivity
Real Time Information
Various analyses using historic data
Alerts in case of violations
Satisfaction Guarantee
Lowest Price Promise
Strong Business Ethics
Same Day Order Processing & Installations
Speedy Support
Best Quality Hardware
After sales Support
12 months warranty on hardware
Vehicle Tracking system
Fleet management
TRA Electronic Cargo tracking System
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