What our customers say about our product
I can definitely say that I'd recommend PowerTrack to anyone. This product is so helpful to us in being a distributor in order to know the current location of our fleet, and the good part is, this system also has archive and this system is web-based so you can log into the system any time and from anywhere. It also helps us to monitor the next service due for the vehicle, so this has made our life so easy as we have total control over our drivers. Overall, I really enjoyed using PowerTrack.
I've used a few GPS tracking solution providers over the years, and I would rank PowerTrack as one of the best solution providers with very reliable, easy to understand, user-friendly and not to forget, a great stress reliever. Being a Transporter, it is very important for us to be Fast, efficient and reliable in order to deliver our service to our clients with the help of Powertrack we can actually serve our clients right on time, with unbeatable prices compared to the local market. Powertrack is helping us to grow our business.
PowerTrack is an excellent GPs tracking product we ever used in our company. They have excellent end-user experience, backing up practicality with professional understanding of Tracking solution and the communications processes. The staffs are extremely energetic and self motivated. we need to use this product in order to keep track of our delivery trucks on the go. The good part about PowerTrack is, it allows you to create a point of interest on the system. PowerTrack really added value and clarity to our business. A strong recommendation!

“…we are able to control our drivers’ behaviors and monitor our vehicles efficiently, thus enhancing performance of the entire operations.” Kisima Transport

“…revenue per unit has significantly increased as we can now redirect our vehicles on the fly.” AA Trans

“…we have reduced our overtime bills as we now have the information to manage the time spent on each trip.” Delfina
Control at the click of a button
Efficient Logistics Management
Improved Customer Service
Enhanced productivity
Real Time Information
Various analyses using historic data
Alerts in case of violations
Satisfaction Guarantee
Lowest Price Promise
Strong Business Ethics
Same Day Order Processing & Installations
Speedy Support
Best Quality Hardware
After sales Support
12 months warranty on hardware
Vehicle Tracking system
Fleet management
TRA Electronic Cargo tracking System
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